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Fire Fly Hotel: Handmade Museum Small Talks
Some episodes of Shiwahori ECO-Museum
Held by Hiroshima Eco-Museum Study Group, from June 3 to 24, 2001. Supported by Higashi Hiroshima Academic City Exchange Conference

[Popular Stars]
This couple of catfishes was the most popular for the event term. However, staff members were talking about how to eat them at the end of the event on their mailing list. After deep and serious (?) discussion, they decided to let them go. (This might have been influenced by last year's event that they ate its fry.

The body has gridiron side lines.
[Taking care of the stars]
Photo (left)
The children was looking for warms for the catfish.
Photo (right)
The catfish has larger fin than other fishes. She observed it so good that was able to draw it well. Illustrated by Ayako 6/18
[Handmade Cream Puff]
Watching this banner, came to ask, "Do you have handmade cream puff?" It was a incredible true story. Oops, missed! (We believed the banner was well done, though)

A Snake in a Mortor
[Nippon Old Tales]
As the museum displayed sloughs, many snakes are living around the "Fire Fly Hotel." The baby snake dropped into a mortar by the entrance hall last year. Because it was not able to go out of the mortor, I helped it out. Wondering how it is now... ...a return of its favor? Never happened. I imagined the old tale of "The Grateful Crane" as sitting alone here in "Fire Fly Hotel" at night.
[The Event Day: Fire Fly Festival]
Visitors came bit by bit at the evening for the festival night. The curator in red bandanna afforded to deal with visitors. But when the sun went down, she got panic for crowd people. Thank you for the night. 2001/6/9

Saito-kun, a curator, posted a drawing.
[The way Frogs Live]
We know tadpoles are the frog's children. They amazingly change to the adult form. The photo on left side was the first day of the event (June, 3) and they became frogs at the final day (June, 24)

"My lord, what can you see?" The name of this frog stands for a lord. The big lord in a small barrel? The frog for globalization? People drew it well in the morning for few visitors.
[The Display Developed During and After the Event]
Photo(left): Rainy days kept visitors away from the museum. The curator drew this for this moment. YOSHINOBORI(Rhinogobius sp.)Illustrated by Junko
Photo(right): A student group stayed and drew this. Hydrangea and Houttuynia cordata show good taste. The interesting phenomena of increasing display happened.
[The Visitors in Rainy Day]
Three cats (monochrome, brown, tiger style) came to look into the entrance hall. Did they get smell of fish? The slug ate paper! We got a valuable drawing from local regidents. But the slug partly ate and left their footprints on it.

We have too many episodes to put all on this report. Many people cooperate for the handmade museum. Each of them must have different and hidden experiences. Thank you very much for the visitors and supporters. I am looking forward to talking with you again.
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Some episodes of Shiwahori ECO-Museum

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