Firefly Lodge Nature School
Firefly Lodge Nature School


"Firefly Lodge Nature School" is a unique lodging and small learning setting for hands-on nature experience using a thatched old folk house in Hiroshima.

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3240 Shiwahori, Shiwa-cho, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
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Koso Hayashi
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Sink,Gas ring,Refrigerator,Microwave oven,Rice cooker,Frying pan,Cooking pan,
Kitchen Knife,Chopsticks,Spoon,Fork,Plate,Cup, etc

Goemonburo is named after Ishikawa Goemon. Goemon was a legendary Japanese Robin Hood who stole gold and valuables and gave them to the poor. He is notable for being publicly boiled alive in an iron cauldron along with his very young son after a failed assassination attempt on the civil war-era warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Goemon was able to save his son by holding him above his head. His son was then forgiven. Since then an iron kettle-shaped bathtub is called goemonburo.

Irori is a type of a traditional sunken hearth (rarely found in modern living). Used for heating the home and cooking food, irori is essentially a square pit in the floor with a pot hook. These hooks generally were hollow bamboo tubes containing an iron rod, with an attached lever that would allow the pot or kettle to be raised or lowered.

Smoking cessation


12,000yen/one group one day

Feel free to contact us for any questions.


By Car
45minutes from Hiroshima station through freeway. Please get off with Sanyo Expressway "Shiwa IC".

By Train(JR Sanyo Line)
Please get off Hachihonmatsu station.
15minutes from Hachihonmatsu station by taxi.
20minutes from Hachihonmatsu station by bus.

By bus from Saijo(central of Higashi-Hiroshima-city)
40minutes from Saijo by bus.

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